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Millionaire First Love (recommended to watch)

milionaire first love

A Millionaire First Love

Release date 09 Feb 2006


Cast : Hyeon Bin and Lee Yeon Hee

A very beautiful story , many who has watch it love it.
The movie is sad , it will make you cry ^_^.
A millionaire but with a broken hearted.

Sebuah kisah romantis yang sangat menyentuh hati.
Yang pasti setelah setengah film kita mulai mengerti dan akan menangis.
Ternyata Seorang Pria yang memiliki warisan yang begitu besar, tidak dapat menyelamatkan Gadis yang di cintainya.

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Pretty Insun played in korea

kim-hyun-joo-003c2401, originally uploaded by locchoc_me.

The Drama pointing to Kim Hun Joo , about her being convict by mistake and falling love with an old sweetheart.

The incident that occurred while she was in high school completely ruined her life. She accidentally killed her friend in a hand-to-hand fight and served a long sentence, turning from a cheerful and brave girl into a timid one

Love doesn’t judge. (source)
Some say that we live in the era of narcissism, because people have their say in everything these days thanks to the widespread use of the Internet and communication as well as political and social freedom. There are always people on the street using their mobile phones and talking busily to someone. Blogs and personal Web sites have also been developing rapidly. Everybody is the main character nowadays. But despite the abundance of communication, people these days are more lonesome than ever because everybody is talking only about themselves -- about their wounds being larger than the wounds of others and about their needs being more urgent than other people’s needs. Everybody claims that they are the best and the most lonely. But nobody listens to them. In the end, we all think that we are treated unfairly. The greater access we have to communication the more lonesome we feel. That is the downside of the era of narcissism in the 21st century.

Can you throw a stone at her?
There is a woman who was abandoned by her mother as soon as she was born and was raised by her impoverished grandmother. She also served a sentence for accidentally killing someone while in high school. She has the worst credentials to live in this merciless world, and people easily stigmatize her as a “sinner.” But who doesn’t have sins? And what credentials can be better than hers from the standpoint of people who have money and power? What does a “sin” mean to humans? Who will dare to throw stones at her?

you could see her at this youtube

Sexy! Sexy! Sexy!

bj_chae_yeon_230, originally uploaded by peace_21st.

Sexy! Sexy! Sexy! (source)

If the code is always popular in the entertainment industry's sexy might. Artists impressions of a beautiful woman is always segan boldly on the topic. For example, Pusan International Film Festival this year was exceptional gimsoyeon costumes are baptized, thanks to flash more than any actress.

Time goes by, the music industry, every moment there are more eye-catching, sexy diva was revoked. Boa , Chaeyeon and others Sexy times in 2008 Fans expectations specially me ^_^.

In the case has been seen as the next act was formulated to advance the actor will be seen to meet the expectations and the recently held 'band concert Annie' gachangryeok unchanging and the stage show.

Chaeyeon side said, "Tentative plans are still album, but this album comes out to be too sexy concept," "a sexy fit idea chaeyeon likes this," he said.

More Photo of Chae yeon and Boa

The Secret

I watch the movie and it was excellent.
Ever since Buddha said that "Control your mind, you control yourself and everything." it make me a believer of who i am ,and what do i capable of i am.

Realize it and gives it . Buddha also said that donation is a great things to draw good things into your life. Donation doesn't mean money, it has variety manifest, it doesn't mean big or small either.

Does someone who has big donation has more benefit than small?, you should think again ...

where you should donate.. to me?? not really recommended.
donate to support war??. .. , that's not it also..
donate it to someone you love... ,
to something that you passion about....
to every bit of things that brings your heart ... Good Things...

I recommended to see The Secret ...
It is good things for You....

The Movies My Sassy Girl (2001)

The Movies My Sassy Girl is being remade in japan.
"This movie is my first korean movie to watch , making myself to love korean movie" ^_^

The movie is a romance as you can see ^^ , but it tells you about things just happens , and your next move is a big differents to lovers.

Hope that japan make big hit about the remade.

Happy Sassy Day ???. ^_^

Sex Is Zero remade in hollywood

The hilarious comedy drama 'Sex is Zero' is soon to be remade in Hollywood. It will be invest by Paramount Pictures, US.

I think many would wonder how it come out by usa movie,
this comedy is sure would make many korean movie lovers to wait more of upcoming movies from korean movies production.

The Sex is Zero , Season 2 is also catching the eye of vice president of Paramount Pictures.

Well let's see then....

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