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Resurrection of the Butterfly (2007) Korean Romance

ressurection of the butterfly

Cast Lee Moo-saeng , Jeon Bo-yeong


The movie dates back to 1592 when Japan invaded Korea, and under the threat of the Japanese chief, Nongae is forced to kill her loved one. In modern Korea, a botanist couple meets a man named Jae-jin, who insists that he knows them on the way to find legendary China pink butterfly.


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Love Exposure (2007) Korean Romance

love exposure

Cast Lee Mi-yeon , Lee Tae-ran , Kim Joon-seong





M (2007) Korean Romance


Cast Kang Dong-won , Lee Yeon-hee


A prominent up-and-coming author Min-woo readies his new much anticipated follow-up novel while suffering from frequent nightmares and hallucinations. This unexplainable condition affects both his personal and professional life. Soon he can’t differentiate reality from fantasy and continues to have feelings of being chased. His own paranoia leads him to a cafĂ© in a dark, unassuming alley and encounters a charming young woman named Mimi. Min-woo starts to wonder how he and this girl in front of him are connected and traces long-forgotten memories of his first love.

International Film Festivals

2007 Toronto International Film Festival , Visions



Virgin Snow (2007) Korean Romance

virgin snow

Cast Lee Joon-ki , Aoi Miyazaki


"Virgin Snow" is coproduction between Japan and South Korea.

Min moves to Japan following his professor father. One day at a local shrine, he meets a beautiful Japanese girl with innocent eyes. Her name is Nanae, and she is an aspiring painter. Min falls for her at first sight, and soon learns that Nanae attends the same school to which Min has just transferred. They become friends, and despite the culture and language barriers it is an intense friendship. When his grandmother suddenly falls ill, Min hastily returns to Korea but can’t get in touch with Nanae beforehand. After his grandmother regains her health, he hurries back to Japan to reunite with Nanae, but she is nowhere to be found. Had his true feelings for Nanae not been apparent to her? Why has Nanae disappeared without a word?



Scout (2007) Korean Romance


Cast Im Chang-jeong , Eom Ji-won


Ho-chang, a campus baseball team officer, receives a 10-day mission to recruit the amazing high school pitcher Sun to win the rival university. When he goes to Gwangju, he meets his ex-girlfriend instead of persuading Sun to his team.



Milky Way Liberation Front (2007) Korean Romance

milky way

Cast Lim Ji-gyoo , Park Hyeok-kwon , Seo Yeong-joo , Kim Bo-kyeong


Filmmaker Young-jae gets aphasia as his girlfriend left him, and has trouble writing a script and to get money for filmmaking. Although Hyuk-kwon, a ventriloquist actor supports Young-jae’s project, the situation gets strange: a producer of his film wants to make a film with other director. How can Young-jae get over this crisis of filmmaking and his love?



Venus and Mars (2007) Korean Romance

venus and mars

Cast Seol Kyeong-gu , Kim Tae Hee


This is mostly how Ji-na and Sang-min spend their time together. But they decide to overcome their clashing characters and vow for forever love.However, their vow is short-lived and their life of "happily ever-after" seems to be an unattainable fairy tale. Sang-min is the nation’s number one indifferent husband. Although unintended, he always seems to aggravate Ji-na. Ji-na is his wife. After putting up with Sang-min's distasteful attitude, she has become a scrawny, tense, and violent wife. While their grudges against one another are still left unhandled, they decide to split up. They clash on every issue and a psychological warfare begins. What began as verbal fights lead on to physical fight and they fight as if they are going to kill each other. There’s no room for patience and understanding to these two ex-lovers. They enter a merciless face-off. A fight leads on to another then another and the cycle continues.



Miss Gold Digger (2007) Korean Romance

miss gold digger

Cast Han Ye-seul , Sin Min-soo


Actress Han Ye-seul offers advice on how to ``shop'' for men in her screen debut. In her polygamous romantic relationships, she adopts different personas for each boyfriend, from being a prim and proper lady for her JFK-like boyfriend to a sexy party girl for a young rapper. But when her shopping spree starts to get tangled, the men show their true side when they discover that they have been manipulated.



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My Love (Nae Sa Rang)



Several people experience a miracle of love under the spell of a solar eclipse. Se-jin is obsessively in love with a very bizarre young woman named Ju-won. So-hyun confesses her feeling for Ji-wu by clinging to him and asking him how to become a strong drinker. Jeong-seok is a single father working as a copywriter, loved by Su-jeong, whose advances he rejects every time. Jin-man is a free-hug activist who returns to korea to meet his old flame.


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SNSD - Girls Generation @ A miracle of Xmas KBS 071225

credit: 0335323662

BoA support her brother in Korea


Pop princess, BoA flew in from Japan performing to support her brother’s launch of accessory brand, BB Simon. BoA’s brother, Kwon Soon Ok is better known as a music video director, but he is now entering the biz world with his little sis, BoA’s full support.

BoA gave her best on a tiny stage at a Cheongdam Club see the vid below, singing her hit songs including “My Name,” “Girls on Top” and “MOTO.” Good to see BoA giving back to her brother, who was instrumental in creating BoA. When Kwon Soon Ok auditioned at SM, father Sooman asked him if he had a younger sibling who wanted to audition and the rest is history.

Many expect that she would come to a new music vid.

BoA will attend NHK’s biggest awards ceremony on December 31, 2007.

Enjoy ^^

(indo)credit leeyeonhee
Putri Music Pop , BoA terbang dari jepang mendukung saudara laki-laki nya
meluncurkan merk aksesori , BB Simon.
Saudara laki-laki BoA , Kwon Soon Ok lebih baik dikenal sebagai direktur video musik ,
tetapi dia sekarang memasuki dunia bisnis dengan adik perempuan nya , BoA’s mendukung penuh.

BoA memberi yang terbaik pada panggung kecil di Cheongdam Club lihat video di bawah ,
menyanyikan lagu hitnya termasuk “My Name,” “Girls on Top” dan “MOTO.”
Bagus untuk BoA memberi bantuan kepada saudara laki-laki nya, yang menginstrumental dalam membuat BoA.

Ketika Kwon Soon Ok audisi pada SM , bapak Sooman meminta dia jika dia punya saudara kandung muda yang ingin di audisi dan sisanya sejarah.
Banyak mengharapkan yang dia akan muncul pada video musik yang baru.

BoA akan menghadiri NHK’s upacara penghargaan besar di desember 31 , 2007. Selamat menikmati ^^ /

Jewelry Comeback!


Jewelry finally took off the veil revealed the name of two new members after Jo Mina and Lee Ji Hyun left the group.

One of the new members is Ha Joo Yeon (21), the daughter of actor Ha Jae Yong, was the rapper for Suh In Young’s “I want you” and will continue to be the rapper of the group.I’m not too sure about her rapping skills, but I wonder if her sharp V-line is natural. Kim Eun Jung (21) will be the main vocal along with Park Jung-ah.

The New Jewelry is planning to announce a new album in January next year and they are striving to exceed Wondergirls with new young blood. I doubt that Jewelry will become the next it group of 2008, but there’s no harm in trying.

(indo)credit leeyeonhee

Jewelry akhirnya mengungkapkan nama dari dua anggota baru setelah Jo Mina dan Lee Ji Hyun sebelah kiri di group.

Salah satu anggota baru Ha Joo Yeon ( 21 ) , anak perempuan pemain Ha Jae Yeon , rapper untuk Suh In Young’s “I want you” dan akan melanjutkan menjadi rapper group ini. Aku juga tidak pasti tentang dia kepandaiannya ngerap , tetapi saya berharap V-line nya natural. Kim Eun Jung ( 21 ) akan menjadi suara utama dengan Park Jung-ah.

Jewelry yang baru ini berencana untuk mengumumkan album baru tahun berikutnya bulan januari dan mereka bekerja keras untuk melebihi Wondergirls dengan darah anak baru. Saya ragu-ragu Jewelry akan menjadi group berikutnya di 2008 , tetapi tidak ada kerugian dalam berusaha. ^_^

[new] Jang Ri In In Thailand 15.12.07, +1 Timeless fancam @ TVXQ's Thailand Concert


Credit : jack jack attack, soompi, pingbook
Jang Ri In Photos in thailand

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Adultery, Evil Mothers-in-Law, Korean Soaps in 2007

The hottest topics in Korean TV soaps in 2007 were adultery and conflicts between woman and her mother-in-law, and the resolutions were inevitably physical.

Viewers were treated to cheating spouses being cursed, kicked in the stomach and hit over the head with a washboard. The stock conflict between women and their mothers-in-law also reached new heights of intensity on TV.

◆ Coming to blows

The SBS series “My Man’s Woman” offered a slightly new angle on the age-old adultery problem. In an early episode, Junpyo, the male lead who is having an affair with his wife’s friend Hwa-young, is caught kissing her by his sister-in-law, Eun-su.

Viewers were stunned when Eun-su kicked Hwa-young and hit her in the face.
The characters in the SBS drama “First Wives Club” also came to blows. In the drama, Han Won-soo who has an affair, beats his wife Nah Hwa-shin, and Han Bok-soo, who is angry with her husband’s affair hits him over the head with a washboard.

“In the past, Korean drama showed fantasies about adultery, like something out of a fairy tale,” cultural critic Kim Jong-whee says. “But now dramas show the reality that is created by adultery.” Kim Soo-hyun, the writer of “My Man’s Woman,” earlier told the Chosun Ilbo, “I write my script based on in-depth inquiries of adultery itself, rather than dealing with it as an episode.”

(indo) credit

Topik yang paling hangat di opera sabun Televisi Korea pada 2007 adalah perzinaan dan konflik di antara wanita dan ibu mertua dan secara fisik tak terelakkan.

Penonton disuguhi tentang menipu suami yang digodai, menendang perut dan memukul di balik kepala dengan papan cuci.
Banyak Konflik di antara wanita dan ibu mertua mereka memasuki intensitas (perhatian) yang tinggi tercapai di TELEVISI.

◆ Datang dengan Pukulan

SBS serial “My Man’s Woman” ditawarkan sedikit sudut baru di usia tua masalah perzinahan . Di awal peristiwa , Junpyo , aktor pria yang berselingkuh dengan istri teman nya Hwa-young , tertangkap mencium selingkuhannya oleh saudara ipar perempuannya.

Penonton dikejutkan ketika Eun-su menendang Hwa-young dan memukul dia di muka.
Karakter di SBS drama “First Wives Club” juga datang dengan pukulan. Di Drama , Han Won-soo yang punya selingkuhan , memukul isteri nya Nah Hwa-shin , dan Han Bok-soo , yang marah dengan perselingkuhan suaminya memukul dia di kepala dengan papan cuci. ^_^;

“Di masa yang lalu , Drama korea ditunjukkan dengan fantastis tentang perselingkuhan , seperti sebuah cerita peri,” Pengkritik kebudayaan Kim Jong-whee berkata . “Tapi sekarang sandiwara menunjukan kenyataan yang diciptakan oleh Perselingkuhan.” kim Soo-hyun , penulis “My Man’s Woman,” menceritakan sejak awal tentang Chosun Ilbo , “Saya tulis naskah saya berdasarkan pada keingintahuan yg mendalam tentang perselingkuhan, Daripada berhadapan dengan hal itu sebagai sebuah episode.”

Solbi, Kim Sung-eun compete for 'Best Entertainer' Award

Actress Kim Sung-eun and singer Solbi will compete for the 'Best Entertainer Award' at the 2007 KBS Entertainment Awards on December 22.

Kim, a popular host of 'Happy Sunday - Immortal Music' and Solbi, a co-host for the third season of 'Happy Together' on KBS 2TV have been selected as candidates for the 'Best Entertainer Award.'

Kim has appeared in the film 'Magang Hotel,' the MBC drama 'Thank You' and the SBS Drama 'Gangnam Mothers.' She currently appears on 'Happy Sunday - Immortal Music' as a lovable tone-deaf host. Solbi has also attracted the media spotlight for her appearance on numerous entertainment shows.

(indo) credit

Aktris Kim Sung-eun dan penyanyi Solbi akan bersaing di penghargaan Entertainer Terbaik pada KBS Entertainment Awards pada 22 desember 2007

Kim, host terkenal 'Happy Sunday - Immortal Music' dan Solbi, sebagai co-host untuk musim ketiga 'Happy Together' di KBS 2TV telah terpilih sebagai kandidat untuk penghargaan Entertainer Terbaik.

Kim telah bermain di film 'Magang Hotel,' MBC Drama 'Thank You' dan SBS Drama 'Gangnam Mothers. Kim sekarang tampil di 'Happy Sunday - Immortal Music' sebagai host yg pekak telinga tapi menimbulkan sayang. Solbi juga menarik sorot media untuk penampilannya di banyak pertunjukan.

Model Lee Seon-jin will Marry in January

Model Lee Seon-jin will tie the knot next month.

She broke the news Tuesday. She will marry a businessman two years her senior on Jan. 27 at the Central City Millennium Hall in Banpodong.

In a news conference Friday, she will unveil the full wedding story, from how the couple first met to when they decided to marry. Lael Wedding, chaired by comedian Park Soo-hong, is charged with the wedding ceremony.

Lee debuted in 1995 through the Super Elite Model competition. She has since appeared as a model and actress in dramas and films.

(Indo) credit

Model Lee Seon-jin akan menikah bulan januari
Dia mengatakannya di berita pada hari selasa. Dia akan menikah dengan pebisnis dua tahun
lebih tua pada 27 januari di Central City Millennium Hall di Banpodong.

Di Konferensi berita hari jumat, dia akan mengungkapkan cerita perjalanan menuju perkawinan,
dari bagaimana keduanya bertemu sampai bagaimana mereka setuju untuk hidup bersama. Lael Wedding, yang di ketuai oleh komedian Park Soo-hong, diberi kepercayaan untuk mengadakan upacara perkawinan tersebut.

Lee debut di tahun 1995 melalui kompetisi Super Elite Model. Dia telah muncul sebagai model
dan aktris di sejumlah drama dan film.

So Ji Sub, Band Shoot Fundraiser Ad

Heartthrob actor So Ji-sub and the four member male band TAKE have partnered to advocate the rights of needy children with a song called 'HOPE.'

They will appear in a video ad to raise funds for missing and destitute children. The efforts are being led by a domestic children's foundation.

The video is being jointly produced by the foundation and TAKE's management agency, Sedona Media.

A foundation official said, "Hearing about the good cause, actor So Ji-sub willingly participated in the shoot," adding the celebrities' involvement is expected to help the fundraiser a great deal.

(indo) credit
Aktor So ji Sub dan seluruh band Take member berpartisipasi untuk iklan hak anak-anak yang membutuhkan dengan lagu berjudul 'HOPE'

Mereka akan tampil di sebuah video iklan untuk mengumpulkan dana untuk anak terlantar dan hilang. Hal ini di emban tugas kan oleh organisasi anak lokal.

Video ini di produksi bersama oleh organisasi dan TAKE management agency , Sedona Media.

Salah satu petugas resmi organisasi mengatakan, "Mendengar tentang usaha baik ini, aktor So Ji- sub setuju untuk ikut berpartisipasi di pembuatan video". Berharap ikutnya sang aktor dapat membuat pengumpulan dana menjadi sesuatu yang hebat.